Automotive Mechanics There have been big changes in recent years, both in construction of cars and in the Czech Republic as a whole. But our Vocational School system is still waiting for its transformation.
How much do they know? Are you sitting for long hours after having checked your students' assignments? No time left for other activities? You might find a possible solution right here! (Czech).
Steering Wheel for Driving School Teachers There is a non-experienced learner sitting behind the steering wheel of a driving school truck. The others don't know, but a teacher from his seat has nearly no chance to effectively solve a possible critical situation.. If he had another steering wheel he could .. .
List of Information A teacher must always surprise his/her students. Students must not know what the theme of the next lesson and next exam is .. .
System of Exercises The same exercises but different results. The nightmare of lazy students is just here!
Tests © Many question sets for many different courses.
Student's book Nobody knows who has given the grades, nor what the theme was on, what was, is, and will be evaluated next time. Forget doing anything about it.
CzechInkWell The great idea capable of boosting the school system into the 21. century.